Hello everybody!

I moved to Idaho in June 2022 to teach 2nd grade and Spanish at a brand-new school. It was a big task that required many extra hours. Being a single parent who had just relocated here with my two teenagers, the long hours of planning weren’t a good fit. After teaching for 15 years, I changed careers and accepted my new position for Servpro of CDA in February of this year. I had spoken to Paul at K&S staffing at a networking meeting I attended as I built my Mary Kay clientele in this area. He realized I had many good marketing skills from having my at-home business with Mary Kay and connected me with Servpro.

I have loved working for Servpro. I have been through a house fire and floods before, so I know how devastating these disasters are, and I love that I help people get the help they need. I love telling people about our company because when something horrible happens, you last want to search on Google and hope to get good help. If you ever have a disaster, you already know about us and can call me or the office to get immediate and reliable help. These situations are very inconvenient, and I love that at least finding help can be convenient because you’ve already met me and know we’re available 24/7. We’re faster to any disaster and make it like it never happened!

My 16-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter are my pride and joy. They’re artistic, kind, caring, and fun kids. Before moving here, we had spent the last three summers camping in our RV. My dad taught me how to pull and park, and a friend taught me how to connect to hookups and use my RV. My kids direct me as I back into camping spots. I had summers off as a teacher, so we joined a camping resort and went camping for about five weeks out of the summer. I had grown up riding horses and packing into the mountains to camp, so camping comes easily to me. I wanted to RV instead because I thought “glamping” would be much easier than setting up camp every time. It was still a lot of work, as I soon found out. Spending quality time with my kids and their friends who came camping with us was well worth it. We loved taking our dog along, hiking, swimming, and cooking many smores around the campfire. When we moved here, I chose a house with a large yard and put in a trampoline, pool, and hot tub. I can walk out my back door and feel like I’m on vacation unless I’m doing yard work again! We also love to go to skate parks! My daughter roller skates, my son skates, and I ride my BMX bike. It’s good exercise and fun to do with my teens!

My favorite hobby is dancing, so I’m very happy about the many dancing opportunities here. In college, I was in swing dancing clubs. When I studied in Spain, I did a lot of salsa dancing. Now, I’m learning many other dance styles. The dancing community here is friendly and encouraging, so if you’re interested, I hope you’ll join us on the dance floor!

This year, I’m the President of the River City Leadership Academy. I’m enjoying learning about our community. Post Falls is a great town, and I’m looking forward to many years of helping our community to keep it a wonderful place to live. Thank you, Post Falls Chamber, for everything you do!

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