Joint Public Policy Committee


Coordinate member involvement and act as an information clearinghouse in issues impacting businesses in the City of Post Falls.  Provide recommendations to the Board of Directors and advise members of the Chamber of Commerce regarding matters of mutual concern and importance such as water, transportation and regulations affecting business. 


Committee Makeup: 

The Chairman of the Board will appoint a Public Policy Committee Chairperson during the last quarter of each year. In addition to the representation of possible sub-committees on the Local Issues Committee, members-at-large are welcome to attend regular meetings of the Committee and its sub-committees. 

The committee is a combination of four area Chambers, Post Falls, Coeur d’Alene, Hayden, and Rathdrum, and each chamber has a chair role in the committee. Meetings rotate between Post Falls and Coeur D’Alene.

Scope of Work: 

The Public Policy Committee Chairperson will seek ad-hoc sub-committee chairs to monitor specific local issues that impact business as needed.  These sub-committee chairs will serve as members of the Public Policy Committee.  From time to time, establish ad-hoc sub-committees to monitor and report on specific issues related to water, transportation, and regulations affecting business.


Both Mark and Caleb discussed the issue of funding the government coming up in October. One thing that could affect our members is access to SBA and USDA funds. If the government stalls the process to fund these agencies, this could put businesses in our area in a tough spot waiting for financing. Even if they agree to a budget, the funding for these agencies could be different than planned.

Joint Public Policy Update February 2023

Joint Public Policy Update February 2023

Year In Review 2022 Joint Public Policy Committee

Key accomplishments of the Joint Chamber Public Policy Committee this past year.

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