Following her parents and other family members, who had made a move a year earlier, Kristin and the “love of her life” and husband of 18 years packed up a 3-month-old baby boy, a set of 13-year-old twin girls, and all their belongings, and headed for a better future in Coeur d’Alene. This journey was hard but worth every second of the planning and packing.

Kristin purchased a local scrapbooking business with her mother and sister and realized how much she loved meeting her new home city’s many patrons and community members. When the recession hit, Kristin had to join many other community members and close the scrapbooking business. Ever resilient, Kristin enrolled in an NIC Workforce Training Program and earned her CNA Certificate.

As a previous fitness trainer, Kristin knew she loved working with people and helping them improve their lives. In 2011, with a certificate in hand, she went to work for Guardian Angel Homes Assisted Living & Memory Care in Post Falls as a Caregiver. Having mastered the Caregiver position, Kristin set her sights on growth within the company and worked her way to the position she currently holds as Director of Community Outreach.

Kristin loves helping families find the loving, nurturing environment they seek for their loved ones. A place where families have the peace of knowing their loved ones are safe. She also loves being involved in many of the area’s community groups, such as Women in Business.

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