Author: Len Crosby

Key accomplishments of the Joint Chamber Public Policy Committee this past year.

A. We advocated for a reduced corporate income tax rate. The Idaho Legislature agreed. Our Business members will now enjoy a simplified and flattened corporate income tax rate of less than 6%. This will assist ALL of our Business members, both large and small.

B. We advocated for increased State spending for Education and the Idaho Legislature agreed, providing 400 million additional dollars into the State education system for our K-12 schools, and additional funding for our workforce training programs and our junior Colleges and Universities to better equip young Idahoans to be the employees of Today and the business leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

C. We advocated for increased State spending on our critical infrastructure (roads, bridges, water, sewer, and broadband), which is the foundation of our Business and Industrial growth. The Idaho Legislature agreed and allocated more dollars, including ARPA funds, to improve infrastructure investment.

D. We advocated for assistance to help communities deal with rising housing costs, making it difficult for our Business members to attract and retain employees. The Idaho Legislature agreed and allocated a portion of the ARPA funds toward workforce housing programs to assist Idaho companies and Communities in addressing this critical issue.

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