September 2023 Business and Education Committee

September 2023 Business and Education Committee

Business & Education Committee Meeting

Tuesday, September 26, 2023




€ Brett Cummings

€ Brian Harrison

€ ReAnn Capaul

€ Ryan – NIC Student Guest

€ Christina Petit

€ Kim Young- Upcoming Chair

€ Roxanna

€ Trina

€ Suzanne K

€ Camey Yeager- Secretary

· Goals/Ideas for 2023-2024

o Continued Goals:

§ Business visits.

§ Business of the month awards.

§ Committee continues to be the support arm for reverse job fair.

§ The committee continues to be the support arm for the 4H Hard Hat and Hotdogs Job Fair.

§ Educators thank you.

o New Ideas: how to bridge the gap between business and education.

§ ICCU financial education to high school- how to save and budget money, checking and savings account.

§ Send out surveys to businesses to get more ideas.

§ Career exploration for 8th graders new requirement.

· Ask the business for guidance in shadows or field trips.

§ How to increase awareness of KTEC.

· Business drop-ins are welcomed.

§ Support school w/ voting and levies.

§ “Coffee connections” at High Schools or Middle Schools and bring industry experts to come and talk about the industry.

§ Mentor / peer-to-peer from KTEC student to MS to show what it’s like.

· Business and Education Award for October

o Send a reminder school to bring nominations forward.

o Email Christina with nominations for 2023/24.

o Options:

§ Birdies Pie Shop- October Award

§ Walmart

§ CDA Inn


· Reverse Job Fair

o First Meeting 9/26 3 pm.

The event is Scheduled for March 19, 2024.

· H4

o Planning stage

The event is Scheduled for April 2024.

· Good of the Order

o Thursday 9/28 membership Thank you.

o PH sending out a community survey in October.

o PH meeting with schools on what students need drug awareness.

NEXT Meeting – October 24th, 2023

Meetings are scheduled monthly / 4th Tuesday of the Month / 8:30 am

Respectfully submitted by: Camey Yeager

The Business and Education Committee resumed after a few months’ hiatus during the summer months. The committee spent time discussing goals and ideas for 2023/2024 and their continued support for the Reverse Job Fair, Hard Hats and Hotdogs, businesses supporting education awards, and educators’ thank you celebration. The committee has some good ideas on how to support our school district and will send out a survey to our local businesses to explore some new options. Do you know of a local business that supports our education, teachers, and/or schools please contact Christina Petit at to have them recognized.

October 2023 Business and Education Committee

October 2023 Business and Education Committee

201 E. Fourth Ave. Post Falls, ID  83854

Phone: 208.773.5016

Business & Education Committee Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, October 24th, 2023


Committee Members ☒ Brett Cummings ☒ Reann Capaul ☒ Colby Mattila ☒ Kim Young- Chair ☒ Suzanne Knutsen ☒ Roxane ☒ Trina Cottee ☒ Linda Benson ☒ Maren Maier ☒ Camey Yeager- Secretary ☒ Christina Petit  Guests Present   ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐
Welcome, InstructionsAll
Unleash Your Future Recap from Suzanne at NIBCA Suzane attended Unlock Your Future in September.  Located in Liberty Lake for all middle school students from Liberty Lake and Spokane Valley.  Introduce apprentice opportunities and career opportunities to middle schoolers. Different bays with companies set up to discuss their trade (healthcare and constructions). Teachers offered 1.5hr lecture before students so they received education on the trades.   Grants available to help fund itIdea: All chambers (Hayden, Post Falls, CDA) involved in the area and have it at the fairground.New Idaho requirement for Middle Schoolers and job development Sub Committee Created: Suzane, ReAnn, Christina, Trina to meet and come back to committee next month with recommendations.Suzanne Knutsen
Business and Education Award for NovemberNominations:Walmart- judging actives and supplies at costCDA Inn- Volunteers DECA DECEMBER River of Life Church- Snacks and clothing donationsNew Hope Fellowship- Donated snacks and clothing and helps with the holiday gift programCommunity Library Network– Summer Reading, STEAM, Discovery bus, NOVEMBERS Christina: send out list of who has been nominated in the last year  Kim Young
Reverse Job Fair Committee Leads neededRegistration Leader: VacantJudging Team Leader: Vacant Public Relations leader:  Kimberly YoungChristina: send more information to Brett and MarenChristina Petit
Good of the OrderDECA needing volunteers 11/29 at the CDA Inn 745 -145 Should we host a Career Job Fair so students look at careers How many businesses would be interested.Christina: send out survey to members What do students what this year?Juniors or Seniors?During school? Fridays? May? December? More to come   

     Minutes submitted by: Camey Yeager

NEXT Meeting – November 28th, 2023

Meetings are scheduled monthly / 4th Tuesday of the Month / 8:30am

Business and Education Committee June 2023 Update

Business and Education Committee June 2023 Update

The Business and Education Committee enjoyed an excellent University of Idaho Extension Campus tour.  The University of Idaho Extension provides research-based programs responding to local issues and needs, helping citizens improve their social, economic, and environmental quality of life.  The committee enjoyed Idaho STARS, Forestry, Home Horticulture, Eat Smart Idaho, Wagyu Beef, and Idaho 4-H Development presentations. 4-H is looking for donations from local businesses or community members to help keep the remarkable program open and available to our youngest community members. 

Business and Education Committee will take a two-month break for the summer and resume meeting on September 26 at 830am. 

Business and Education Committee Update February 2023

Business and Education Committee Update February 2023

Author Camey Yeager, NWSH

Business and Education Award Discussed for Feb and Volunteers to present the award

  • January 2023 Award: Mountain West Bank
  • Discussion on top 3 businesses submitted
  • Winner will be announced at the Feb Connect 4 Lunch

Secretary & Vice Chair Volunteers

  • Decision: Camey Yeager volunteered to be the committee’s Secretary
  • Vice Chair is still vacant speak to Christina if interested

Reverse Job Fair

  • Date set for March 22nd at Real Life Ministries, from 11:00-1:30
  • Discussion on changing the name of the scholarships provided to the students. Some students are not needing to attend higher education and do not have a need for the scholarship but could use the funds towards supplies and certifications for trades
  • A comment was made that we need to keep scholarships in the title for some organizations to donate
  • Decision: Retitle Awards and Scholarships
  • The Reverse Job fair committee is looking to fill two roles
    • Public Relations Leader
      • Prepare and release press releases regarding this event.
      • Develop relationships with the press to assure firm contact.
      • Manage Reverse Job Fair fact sheet.
      • Archive press coverage.
      • Assist with the creation and publication of community thank you letter
      • Email Christina if interested
    • Interviewer Assignment Leader
      • Maintain a Roster of Interviewers
      • Electronic document management of current/past rosters.
      • Collaborate with Post Falls Chamber, committee members, BEWD members, educators, and Post Falls High School parents to recruit interviewers.
      • Update interviewer assignments.
      • Collaborate with Registration Leader for interviewer packet assembly.
  • Save the date, reminder communications, thank you communications
  • Note: After meeting Camey Yeager volunteered

H4 Updates

  • The committee is moving along, string backpacks for students needed
  • Discussed logo re-design, KTEC students will revise
  • Save the Date Flyer coming soon, H4 set for April 14th
  • Day of volunteers needed

Good of the Order

NEXT Meeting – February 28th, 2022

Meetings are scheduled monthly / on the 4th Tuesday of the Month / at 8:30 am

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